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4. Correspondence

4.51 Emilio Belismelis (7)

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4.51 Correspondence with Emilio Belismelis (7)


15. Mail (from Emilio Belismelis)

Re: Email number six

Frank, here are the answers:

In your second email there is this sentence: “My finances has been like a Roller Coaster, when it appears that a major breakthrough will happen, suddenly everything goes down.” Could you please give me details about these major breakthroughs?
Answers 1:

First, my . . .
Yes, I received your last mail and I am glad to read that you are reading my book The Man-Made Church and that you are now at chapter 15 and that you agree with me. So you also read already the third chapter,
Answers 2:

Yes,I have made a decision to stay away from religious meetings and churches. Actually, I haven’t been in a church meeting since last year, I stopped going there because I got tired of seeing so many religious things that they do that in the end you gain no spiritual growth. You have opened my eyes on this; I knew that something was wrong with churches because it is hard to see the fruit of the Spirit.


16. Mail (to Emilio Belismelis)

Email number seven

Dear Emilio,

When you look back at these financial problems you explain in your previous mail, what do you think was your motivation behind your decisions?

When you consider the difference between you running your own companies and you working in companies as executive, was there perhaps also a difference in motivation?

Explain in your own words, what is meant by the expression “professing momentary circumstances” and give the scripture on which it is based.

Are you aware that you progress very much, because you are seeking the kingdom of God?

In 1. Corinthians 3:1-4 there are two groups of people mentioned, to which group do you belong?

All the best from



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