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Astronomical question and answer 284


Frank L. Preuss


How is the pharmaceutical industry kept busy?


I spoke to a chiropractor and said to him: "You speak so negatively about your colleagues in the surgery of yours, donít they give you a hard time, when they hear you speaking like this?"

He said to me: "Oh no, they come to me, whenever they have a problem, but I do not go to them. You see, when a patient comes to them, then they say to him, íTake these pain killers, and the pain will go away.í But these pain killers just numb the brain and damage the liver, the kidney and the colon, which just keep the pharmaceutical industry busy."

I asked him: "Do you get persecuted?"

He said: "Oh yes. There is a pharmacy in the building, next to our surgery, and sometimes the pharmacist invites all the doctors in our surgery for a free lunch. But I do not get invited, because I prescribe no pills."

Medical practitioners are in general just witch doctors.

Have a look at answer 268 where real doctors are described.

That physicians, particularly in western society, are more or less witch doctors, can be seen from the fact, that in western society the difference between a witch doctor and a medical man is not known.

I give you an example. My dictionary says that a witch doctor is a Medizinmann. And the German word Medizinmann means more or less medical man or healer.

And a healer bases his work mainly on spiritual things. He is in contact with the spiritual world, with light beings. He might not call them light beings, but perhaps ancestors. He mainly dishes out spiritual insight.

Now why does western society not know the difference between a witch doctor and healer?

Because healers are in general not known in western society.

Most people in western society are completely ignorant of the existence of something like receiving information from beings in the hereafter, which provides healing or many other kinds of beneficial knowledge.

But to call them, physicians, witch doctors is actually enhancing their status, because a witch doctor has more knowledge than them, because he, the witch doctor, has also knowledge about spiritual things, he just uses them to do both, to heal and to harm. The main motive is to generate income. He is actually quite superior to a normal physician, because he knows what he is doing and why he is doing it, while the normal medical practitioner practises witch craft, but does not know that he is doing so.

And that is because he is completely ignorant of spiritual things and how they work.

When you want to know how mankind can nicely live without science, then have a look at answer 271, because there is a description how the world will work after the whole surface of earth is refurbished and cleansed of all the things that do damage to our climate, our material climate and our spiritual climate.



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