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Astronomical question and answer 269


Frank L. Preuss


How then do now do all happenings actuall work, which approach a man?


Godís will. Godís tolerating.

3. August 1952. B.D. NR. 5455.

I as the Lord of heaven and earth, as Lord of the blessed kingdom of the spirits and also of deepest darkness, truly have the power to untie and to bind, i.e., to free everything unfree and to prevent my counter powers to use their power, when it is not according to my will. And still I withdraw my will as much as possible, because I want to throw back all beings on their own resources, whether good or evil; because I want that they are to determine their state freely out of themselves as independent beings, because I want that they become perfect in future. For that reason I tolerate, what is not according to my will, but always only for that purpose that the being itself recognizes the wrong of its thinking and acting and changes its nature by itself. But so I want, everything must obey me, and also the dark powers cannot then resist me. And I would also be able to prove to men on earth this my power, but the love of my creatures means much more to me than the fear, which certainly would also produce obedience, but which is no joy for me. I want to win the love of my creatures, and also the beings from the deep darkness are to feel from time to time my love radiation, so that they voluntarily turn again to me. And for that reason I not always let my power become effective, even so the acting of men and also of the spiritual in darkness often requires an intervention of my power. But all too great mistakes of my opponents I tone down in their effect, i.e., I leave the freedom to my creatures to think and to act according to their will, even so it is often bad over bad, what they do. But I protect those, at which the attacks of those are aimed, by me weakening the effect or changing it to the opposite Ė therefore by that, what for example a man earthly does to fellowmen in evil intent, serves him to save his soul. Then man has certainly apparently achieved, what he aspired to, to somehow harm fellowman, but the soul of him can benefit from it, which amply makes up for the earthly damage. And I have yet not prevented the former carrying out his plan. I certainly could do it, but do not do it, because only so the being can come to the realization of its sinfulness itself. And yet nothing happens in the whole universe without my knowledge. And this is to always give you men the certainty that nothing comes over you, than what I myself recognize as good for you. Insofar also these evil powers serve me, for also they carry out nothing, what I would not know. And they cannot harm you men, as long as you are in contact with me, but can certainly get control over you, so you break away from me through unbelief and lack of love. Then my opponent has certainly control over you, but also this I allow, because I do not want to force you, to turn to me, but the voluntary return must take place, which can then certainly be put off for still endless times, because it is your free will.

You are therefore never allowed to blame the bad powers, when you have come into the power of them Ė they cannot force you, as I also do not force you, to follow me, and they are also not prevented by me in their work, unless you longingly stretch out the hands for me in a case of danger from their side. Then my help for you is certain, as true as I am Lord over heaven and earth, over the happy kingdom of the spirits and also over the kingdom of darkness. Who calls me, him I free out of their hands, and he will never ever need to fear those powers, which want to ruin him. Amen.
B.D. NR. 5455.



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