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Astronomical question and answer 246


Frank L. Preuss


What do have light and shade in common?


The following picture


depicts things, which serve as explanation, but which do not exist in nature, like the boundary lines between the edges of the celestial bodies or the light and the shade between them.

We had now explained on several occasions that light, contrary to the stupid claims of stupid scientists, is not visible. But how is it now with the shade?

Is the shade visible?

The shade has in common with light that it is also not visible.

To prove that the shade is not visible, is actually even simpler than to prove that light is not visible.

Have a look at the following picture:


"Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin with Lunar Roving Vehicle."

In the picture one can see very nicely that there is nothing between the object giving shade and the object being shaded.

The front wheel of the vehicle stops the light from travelling on, and therefore casts a shade, and the shade now travels further instead of the light, and leaves no traces at all on its way and is only then perceptible, when it touches the world of matter.

Exactly as with light. Also there, there is nothing between the source of light and the material things, which is now hit by light.

One can see the source of light and one can see the illuminate object, but in between one sees no light.

Light is something completely spiritual. Only when it gets into touch with something material, then we can perceive its existence.

And so it is with the shade.

Only that with shade this phenomenon can still be depicted better, completely pictorially, bodily, materially. One can really see it that one can see nothing there.

One can also express it this way that everywhere there, where light does not come across something materially, darkness exists, or blackness.

There where nothing materially exists, where there is no atmosphere, like on the moon, there everything is just black.

And that despite the fact that space there, the universe, the space in the solar system, is full of sunshine. Just go there and put up an object into that space, and immediately you can see there the reaction, which the sunlight hitting it causes.

And the seeing of light is not the only thing what is not possible between the source of light and the exposed object, also the feeling of warmth is not possible there. One has to really have already something material to see light and to feel warmth.

But our materialists have difficulties with this. They indeed deal all the time with spiritual things, but believe that they are material things. All electromagnetic waves are spiritual things, also their so-called visible light. They cannot be detected with sense organs. This is an important theorem in science, but not with so-called scientists. Mechanical waves can be perceived by the senses, the outer senses, but not electromagnetic waves. And with the inner senses the so-called scientists do not want to deal with, because then it could indeed be that their being enslaved in matter comes to an end, and they become again gods, as they have been at the very beginning.

And the nicest thing is that they still will be again gods in the end, only that they can put it off for several eternities.

Now still a question. There where the shade of the front wheel of the rover is cast upon the ground of the moon, can one see there something on the ground of the moon? Can one see a stone lying there?

I have just made a break and eaten something and on that occasion looked out of the window. It is glorious sunny weather and only a few small clouds are in the sky. I have seen the sun and the one cloud and also its shade upon the landscape. This place of the landscape was now not illuminated by the sun; it was there in the shade; but was nevertheless visible; one could see the details quite well; they were just not in the sunlight. Was that because there is an atmosphere here on earth?

On the moon there is no atmosphere. Can one see there things which lie in the shade?

Is there then a shade in the first place? Or is that simply the absence of light?

The illuminating power of the sun

What is one of the most frequent forms of an observed solar eclipse?

One sees into the sun and then one holds the hand before the eyes and immediately the sunlight is absent - and the eyes are in the shade of the sun.

The above picture therefore proves that shade is not visible; but it also still proves something else, also at the front wheel, that namely also light is not visible, for the background, which we see to the left of the wheel, is the same, which we see to the right of the wheel. To the right of the wheel there is no shade and no light between the wheel and the shade on the ground, and to the left of the wheel there is light between the sun and the wheel, but nothing of it is seen, no difference is shown in the background.

What is then now the job of objects giving shade?

Objects giving shade have the task to prevent light to carry on travelling. They stop light. They create areas, where there is no light, where light is conspicuous by its absence.

What are obejcts giving shade?

They are material objects. It is matter, which stops light.

It is matter, which surrounds our soul, and this matter, this slag prevents the light to come to us.

"But it is a far way to perfection, because first the slags around the soul must be dissolved, before the spirit spark can be so effective that it is without doubt recognized as Godís radiation."

Now comes the complete text of this message:

Awakening of the spirit spark in man - love.

6. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5184.

The divine spark in man has so long no igniting power, as it rests in a love-cold heart. For the love warmth only awakens it to life; it ignites itself as it were at love, therefore only a man active in love can bring this spark in him to awakening. And so it is also comprehensible that in the last time before the end, in which men stand already, there are only few spirit awakened men, because just also only little love is practised and consequently man remains without love, although he still dwells on earth. For living means being active through the drive of the spirit spark in man, and indeed always in the will of God, because the spirit spark in man stands in connection with the father spirit from eternity and consequently only that is presented to man, what truth really is, therefore is also according to the will of God. But if the spirit spark in man is awakened, then it drives him firmly to the destination, because the spark, which once flares up to the flame, can no longer go out, because God himself now feeds the flame and something pure divine, which has first become effective, can never ever sink back into the state of death, because the connection with the father spirit has been established, when the spirit spark awakened to life. This attachment no longer gets dissolved, but always firmer and more intimate through love, to which the divine spirit constantly drives. The awakening to spiritual life is the most important in earth life, because then a change occurs; the way, which was level before or led into the abyss, goes now upward to the height and leads to the most magnificent destination. But it is a far way to perfection, because first the slags around the soul must be dissolved, before the spirit spark can be so effective that it is without doubt recognized as Godís radiation. Spiritual rebirth has therefore certainly taken place, as soon as the spirit spark awakened to life, but it must now first unite with the soul, until it completely abandons itself to the divine guidance, therefore most eagerly seeks to fulfil the will of God. Man therefore now leads a second life next to the earthly life Ė and it is the actual life of the soul, which only comes to the full development in the spiritual kingdom and means unsuspected activity. The work of a soul having become perfect in the kingdom of light will always be a fitting in into the divine will, which is constantly revealed to the soul through the spirit. Spirit and soul have therefore then become one and stand in indissoluble contact with God, the father spirit from eternity. This is then eternal life, because a powerful field of activity now lies before such a soul, but since it now is full of light and power, because its spirit is constantly fed by the father spirit, for that reason its activity makes it indescribably happy, because it feels connected with him, whom it loves, and works and creates for him, by it seeking to lead everything to him, what is still away from God. A soul, which has entered eternal life, will lose all weakness; it is again in the original state, where it could create and fashion without restriction, because it has again become so perfect, as it once took its starting point from God. Amen. B.D. NR. 5184.


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