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Astronomical question and answer 218


Frank L. Preuss


What does it now bring this looking at the stars?


I bring a quotation:

"This meant detour cost us much time. Instead of one day we were five days on the way. The conditions on board were extreme: day and night we were exposed to wind and weather. We laid down either in the iron corridor or on the somewhat raised wooden planks in the middle of the ship. My friend Hans and I had settled in the corridor, where we could only just lay next to each other. The nightly May coldness let us more shiver than sleep. Blankets were absolutely in short supply exactly as the food. Hardly anybody had more food with him than for one day. On board there was only drinking water, but which was strictly rationed. With a quarter of a litre daily we had to get by.

Nevertheless this old tub remained the ship of our hope. Our confidence rose from day to day. Some time land had indeed to emerge. I got happier and happier. In the evening I gratefully looked into the starry sky. For months my soul again allowed feelings for the first time. Never before I experienced the morning dawn, the sunset and the stars so intensely as here in the open air. In these days I became addicted to the always returning natural spectacle. And I learned how much more intense one perceived such soul stimulus with an empty stomach.

Every evening, when the twilight lay down on the water, Hans and I, lying down in our corridor, heard a quiet murmuring. Only on the third day we could classify it as what it was: An older couple, who was lying down next to us, prayed. Most of us found fresh hope in these nights from their faith. The mood on board was quiet accordingly, indeed almost contemplative."


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